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FICE (Flexible spectral Imaging Colour Enhancement)

Simultaneous display of white light and FICE images on a single screen.

Endoscopes display images on the monitor by directing white light of undulating spectrum (400 nm to 700 nm) from a xenon lamp onto tissue and capturing reflected light with a CCD device.Using the FICE function, you can limit the wavelength range of the light and display the image with different wavelengths.

BLI (Blue Light Imaging)

The combination of special light wavelengths
results in improved and accurate contrast imaging.

High-intensity contrast imaging with BLI allows superior visualisation of superficial vascular and mucosal patterns. Focussing on the characteristics of short wavelength absorption of haemoglobin (at 410 nm) combined with specific white light spectral colours results in improved and accurate contrast imaging.

LCI (Linked Color Imaging)

Increased contrast in red colour leads to improved detection of inflammation and accurate delineation.

LCI differentiates the red colour spectrum more effectively than White Light imaging thanks to its optimal pre-process composition of light spectrum and advanced signal processing. The increased colour contrast improves detection of inflammation and results in more accurate delineation.


World premiere: Over megapixel CMOS image sensor producing super-high definition images.

By adapting over megapixel CMOS image sensor, 600 series endoscopes enable super-high definition image to be produced. And the leading-edge CMOS Technology realize less noise and brilliant image. To adopt CMOS image sensor can change the analog signal to digital in the tip of the scope. During transmission of signal the digital signal is not affected by the noise from the outside. Those features make advanced observation and diagnosis possible.

Multi Light Technology

Fujifilm's unique 4-LED Multi Light™ technology illumination system
provides optimal illumination using variable LED light intensity for highest standards in brightness and contrast.

This new high performance illumination system is the latest innovation in Fujifilm’s medical device portfolio and ensures that the quality of imaging
meets the highest standards in brightness and contrast providing the innovative observation modes BLI and LCI.