합리적인 가격과 최고의 품질로 다양한 제품을 만나볼 수 있습니다.

Scope 700 series The new ELUXEO™ 700 series endoscopes with One-Step Connector and easy-to-control G7 grip.

  • EG-760R This routine gastroscope from the new ELUXEO™ 700 series is equipped with CMOS technology and provides HD images and videos for daily practice. Close focus allows observation from as little as 2 mm in depth.
  • EG-760Z This zoom gastroscope features the well-known 135 x Multi Zoom which leads to clear and more detailed visualisation, allowing deeper analysis of mucosal structures. It has a small bending radius and similar functionality to the routine gastroscope including all features.
  • EC-760R-VM/VI/VL With a wide field of view of 170° as well as a large working channel diameter of 3.8 mm, this is the ultimate routine colonoscope. It features the new G7 grip and the Flexibility Adjuster. In addition, it has a slim diameter of 12.0 mm and includes a water jet function and CMOS technology.
  • EC-760ZP-VM/VL The slim zoom colonoscope features the brilliant and easy-to-operate Multi Zoom with 135 x maximum magnification. Together with BLI, exceptional details of the mucosal and vascular patterns become visible. Like the routine scope, it features the full range of functionalities including flexible adjustment even with the slim diameter of 11.8 mm.

Scope 600 series The leading-edge high resolution endoscopes, equipped with over megapixel customized CMOS image sensor, realize advanced observation and diagnosis.

  • EG-600WR
  • EG-600ZW
  • EC-600WM/ WI/ WL
  • EC-600ZW/M/L